Engage your Customer with these 3 Social Media Platforms

Getting your startup’s product in front of other businesses is a huge step for any new company. You’re establishing your company’s offering— and your brand— as a fundamental tool for bigger companies. But while you’re ramping up your B2B content marketing efforts, be sure to not overlook the power of social media. It’s not just a way for companies to interact with customers anymore; it occupies a central position in any B2B marketing program. Here’s a look at what three popular social media channels can do for you.


Twitter is perhaps the most ubiquitous and easily accessible platform. Because it’s so easy to use, some companies misuse it by interacting with users on a level that borders on annoying. But when done smartly, a conscientious Twitter presence can inject a burst of personality in your brand. In addition to sharing updates about the product, you can demonstrate value by retweeting favorable reviews or profiles from reputable digital publications. You also have the ability to share positive experience that other businesses have had with your customer, further demonstrating why you have something they need.


For a while, Facebook was tricky to pin down when it came to marketing your company’s brand. A lot of work was passive, and increasing followers really depended on how well you were able to curate interesting content. But now you can be more active on the social network: Facebook Live. It’s still new, but more and more businesses are taking advantage of the opportunities it provides. Facebook Live allows you to launch your own personal live stream, where viewers can leave reactions and comments in real time. With a live video, you can host a real time Q+A or give product demonstrations.


At first glance, Instagram, replete with snapshots of brunch plates and travel photos, might not seem like an ideal tool for your B2B marketing needs. Instagram can be immensely useful, as it allows you to upload video content as well as the usual photograph. Use it as a portfolio of sample projects or behind the scenes videos. But most importantly, this photo-centric social media will assure potential customers that their needs are being met by actual people who want them to succeed. Don’t shy away from showing off your company’s personality. If you’re looking for inspiration, here are a few companies that excel at B2B Instagram marketing.

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