The Five Best Apps For Entrepreneurs

The Five Best apps for entrepreneursNir ronen

Entrepreneurs are busy people. It requires an enormous amount of dedication and productivity to effectively start and manage one’s own business. Luckily, we practically live on our phones these days and there are a plethora of apps claiming they can help us improve our lives in various ways. Not all apps are created equal, but there are a few apps on the market that have been proven to help entrepreneurs stay focused, manage their time and resources, and increase their overall productivity.

Even the most efficient CEO out there knows what a challenge it can be to attract new businesses, run a team of employees, manage finances, and schedule meetings. If you are an entrepreneur who knows all-too-well what it’s like to juggle so much work and have so many responsibilities, then why not give one of these apps a try? You have nothing to lose-they’re all free!


1. Evernote- Available for iOS and Android

Evernote is the ultimate organization tool! With a free download of this app, you will feel a weight lifted off your shoulders if you take advantage of all it offers. Evernote is basically like having a digital personal assistant. It allows you to take and organize digital notes, screenshot important documents, make to-do lists, manage your expenses and calendar, and plan your next vacation- all from the convenience of a single app!

2. Asana- Available for desktop, iOS, and Android

Make Asana your trusty partner on your company’s next big project and you won’t have to worry about everyone being on the same page anymore. The app will keep your entire team productive and organized by assigning tasks to team members through their emails and everyone who’s involved will be reminded of due dates and receive notifications to keep them on task. You’ll never again have to leave your office with the fear that things will fall apart while you’re away.

3. DocuSign- Available for desktop, iOS, and Android

DocuSign has become extremely popular in the business world, with the potential to eclipse traditional document signing entirely. Signing documents with clients, vendors, and employees is par for the course with B2B business owners, but with this app, it need not feel tedious. You can electronically add your signature to any scanned documents and send them back to your office from your phone, so this app is great for busy entrepreneurs on the go!

4. WebEx- Available for iOS and Android

Think of WebEx as a more advanced Skype for business professionals. The app allows you to host and attend virtual meetings, as well as organize events and share files and messages, with your employees. Whether you’re traveling for business or working from home, you can keep in touch with your office no matter where you are in the world. Every entrepreneur knows that communication is key and this app makes it happen! Other similar apps worth checking out are LogMeIn and Join.Me; they also give entrepreneurs the freedom to work from anywhere. LogMeIn, available as a free app for the iPhone and iPad, gives entrepreneurs remote access to their work PCs or Macs from wherever they are. Join.Me, available for iOS and Android, is another virtual meeting app that gives entrepreneurs the ability to meet face-to-face with their employees and share documents, whiteboards and presentations in real time.

5. Flipboard- Available for iOS and Android

This popular news website is also available as an app for your smart phone. As an entrepreneur, you know how important it is to stay up-to-date with industry news. Rather than rooting through all your favorite websites though (because though enjoyable, that takes time), Flipboard allows you to search by topic, so you can tailor the app to give you exactly the kind of content you’re interested in. It is a one stop hub for all types of news.

The format is very user-friendly as well, set up like a magazine with articles, blog posts, and videos drawn from news publications, websites, and social media networks. Flipboard knows exactly what kinds of stories I like to read (business, technology, etc.) and has gotten better over time at suggesting articles that appeal to me according to its own algorithm, whereby readers like or dislike the articles they read. The app also allows users to select topics of interests to scroll through, as well as sources of information, such as Business Insider and The Daily Beast.


For more information on these life-changing apps for entrepreneurs, check out these helpful lists:

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